Valedictory Address Ko Noong Elementary Graduation Ko

sa Disyembre 12, 2011

Nakita ko lang sa files ko. Hindi ako ang gumawa nito, okay? Tita at nanay ko kaya wala akong alam dyan. Minemorya ko lang at sinabi sa lahat ng taong nandoon. Haha! Enjoy na lang sa pagbasa!

How time flies. It seems just yesterday when we were shy and awkward small kids who would not let our mothers leave us in school or else we would cry the whole day.

It seems just very recently when we had our first test that made us happy or sad depending on the result. Or when we had our first report cards that made our parents happy or sad depending on the grades we got.

Now, we are graduates.

But are we graduates because we wanted to be ones? And are we graduates because we tried and succeeded?

Distinguished guests, our principal, members of the faculty, beloved parents, fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant afternoon to all.

The moment our parents and we have been waiting for has finally arrived. This day is just the beginning and not the end itself for we are leaving a stage in our lives and facing greater challenges – mas challenging pa tiyak sa bunjee jumping ng Extra Challenge. This celebration reminds us of yesterday’s memories. These are memories that inspire; memories that urge us to strive harder and do better. From simple abc’s and basic mathematics, we now move on to more challenging lessons in life.

I stand before you today overwhelmed with deep sense of gratitude, pride and joy. I am thankful to God for granting us talents, wisdom, knowledge and strength. I am grateful to God for blessing me with loving and concern(ed) teachers, supportive parents, and wonderful classmates. Fellow graduates, let us all sincerely thank those people who helped us to be what we are today.

I would like to thank our beloved teachers who patiently taught us our first abc’s. Teachers who work hard to instill discipline to unruly children; to inspire uninterested ones; and even to tame the spoiled brats. How can we forget our first teachers who run to the rescue of a kid crying because he wanted to go to the toilet only to find out it’s too late. Nag-cr na pala sa kanyang shorts. Yes, our teachers work hard in school and work harder at home. They devote their time to other children and have little time for their own because they prepare lesson plans, quizzes and tests for us. Thank you teachers for your patience in molding us to become what we are today. Maraming salamat po sa inyong mapagkalingang kamay. Thank you for never giving up.

Fellow graduates, let us all thank our beloved parents who work hard to earn a living and support our education. On many occasions, they are willing to forego simple luxuries so we could meet our school expenses. On many instances, they resort to borrowing money from relatives and friends and even from loan sharks to be able to buy our books and costumes, or pay for our field trip. While they work hard at daytime, they often sleep late at night to assist us in our assignments and projects. They dream, they persevere, they pray, all for our sake. Let us all thank our parents for their solicitous concern for our welfare. Thank you for disciplining us with love. I am especially grateful to my parents who have instilled me values that will direct me to the right path. Thank you Daddy and Mommy for your support not only financially but most of all emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I know you are proud of me. We honor you with respect and dignity. Fellow graduates, let us all give a big round of applause to our parents. Araw din nila ito. Ngayon nagbunga na ang kanilang mga paghihirap.

To all of you my classmates, thank you for the long lasting memories we’ve shared together. Thank you for the laughters. Thank you for the tears. But wherever we shall go and whatever we shall be, everything we learned in this school will serve as a guiding light in our pursuit of a noble endeavor.

Let us not forget the unsung participant in the building of our character and shaping our future. Our yayas who patiently take the role of mothers, tutors, bodyguards, and sometimes our “kasapakat” when we try to convince our parents to allow us to make some “ gimmicks”. They bathe us, bring us to school, wait for us, until they realize, matandang dalaga na pala sila sa kakabantay sa atin.

Thank you Holy Child for molding me to be what I am today. I will forever cherish all the learning years I’ve spent here. Thank you for giving me a solid foundation in education.

I would like to share this day with my Lola Pening. Sabi nila mana daw po ako sa lola ko kasi accelerated din siya. Hindi na po siya nag-grade II, grade III na agad. Lola, idol kita. To my sister, Lianne and brother, Derek; I am sharing this honor with them.

Yes, we are graduates not only because of our efforts but also because of these people who forget themselves and prioritize our future. If we as to face another chapter in our young lives, we will have good chances to succeed because we were nurtured, disciplined, guided and prepared by them.

Can we even thank them enough? We can, but how? Let us study hard. Let us live a life guided by the lessons they taught us. Lessons in truthfulness, trustworthiness, patience, courtesy, honesty, integrity and above all, godliness.

I am proud of myself because i’ve reached this far. I know that my fellow graduates feel the same way, too, because the victory is ours now.

I thank you.


15 responses to “Valedictory Address Ko Noong Elementary Graduation Ko

  1. Patricia. ay nagsasabing:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. This really inspired me and now, I have finished my speech. Thank you. :)

  2. chemee ay nagsasabing:

    Can i copy some of your words?i like it much it made me cry

  3. JARED Q. SILADAN ay nagsasabing:


  4. richelle ay nagsasabing:

    Can I copy this? for my daughter. Medyo nakakarelate sa content ng speech mo. :)

  5. ariel ay nagsasabing:

    can i copy this for my daughter? thank you!

  6. Roy Almira ay nagsasabing:

    nakaka touch naman,,, can I copy or edit some parts of this for my daughter? thanks….

  7. jannah ay nagsasabing:

    enchoress si kuya aba enebechhoss

  8. Renan ay nagsasabing:

    Can I copy also for my daughter also…. thanks gob bless

  9. Yazmine Angel Mercurio ay nagsasabing:

    nice one what a perfect speech

  10. chum ay nagsasabing:

    kei lng po.. copy ung ibang paragraphs? thanks thanks..

  11. Lei ay nagsasabing:

    can i copy this for my son’s graduation speech? Edit ko nlang yung iba… Thank u and god bless.

  12. reggie ay nagsasabing:

    can i copy some of the parts relatable and touchy..thank you

  13. Jason ay nagsasabing:

    Please allow me to copy few words of ur speech… Its really nice and touching…

  14. Darwin Jay Gabadan ay nagsasabing:

    Can i copy some parts please….

  15. jenevia ay nagsasabing:

    me too.. need ko lang po for my niece :) thank you so much ,.. half of this :)

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