it’s survey time.. *again*

sa Disyembre 17, 2007

ito ay nakaw muli kay ferrer.. :D

1. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s usually because

~ they just misunderstood me. /*tama ka ferrer */

2. Last Saturday night you…?

~ nagbalot ng gifts.. :)

3. What are you excited about?

~ na malapit na ang Pasko.. :))

4. Do you remember the most naughty/crazy night of your life?

~ madami akong kabaliwan nights eh..di ko alam anu yung pinakacrazy.. :P

5. Kissed someone in the last 24 hrs?

~ family..:)

6. Favourite scent?

~ marami eh.

7. What’s your ideal weekend like:

~ no worries, kahit ano gusto ko gawin, nagagawa ko

8. What do you look for most in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

~ dahil babae ako, syempre dapat boy ang boyfriend ko..

9. What kind of music do you like best

~ kung ano ang trip ko pakinggan sa time na wala talaga akong peyborit.. :D

10. What color are you most likely to decorate your favourite room in

~ kahit ano. or blue siguro.

11. How many drinks until you start feeling it?

~ eh?

12. If something amazing happens to you, how many people know:

~ depende..mostly friends ko..

13. Every year, how do you like to spend the holidays?

~ just enjoying it

14. What do you look forward to most each year?

~ ang bawat segundo sa aking buhay na masaya..

15. In your opinion, it’s just not the holidays without:

~ enough rest at chibug

16. Who do you most long for:

~ marami.

17. You admire people who:

~ can do whatever they want anytime

18. Can you keep a secret

~ yeapyeap, of course.

19. How many phone conversations do you have a day:

~ depends.

20. What’s your best feature?

~ I really dunno.

21. Your favourite romantic movie is

~ ewan..

22. Your dream house is

~ big tsaka kumpleto sa thingies na kailangan ko. *nagconceptualize na kami ni baj ng aming dream house..heehee..*

23. How would your friends describe you

~ hyper, immutable (di napapatahimik), etc.

24. How do you feel about Valentine’s day:

~ puro red at chocolates at flowers..masaya manglink kapag valentine’s..

25. What body of water are you most drawn to:

~ kahit anung body of water basta wag polluted..

26. You could never love someone who

~ di ko alam..


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