dahil bored ako..

sa Disyembre 16, 2007

dumekwat ako ng survey kay ferrer..


1. Obsessed with something?

~ pwede someone o some people?! juk lang..

2. Are you tall?

~ not really..pandak nga daw ako eh.. T_T

3. In your pajamas?

~ na-ah.

4. Left handed?

~ hindi din!


1. Friend you saw

~ celina..nung last day pa sa pisay..

2. Person you talked to on the phone

~ elem friend ko..

3. Person to IM you

~ ate cecile!

4. Was today better than yesterday

~ siguro..


1. Number ~ 13 at 3!

2. Season ~ winter din! pareho tayo purr..kahit walang winter sa pinas..


1. What was the first thing you did this morning?

~ iminulat ko ang aking mga mata..

2. Do you have anything bothering you?

~ I think

3. Where is the last place you went and with who?

~ family sa Church

4. Do you smile often?

~ ohyeah..

5. Do you wish upon stars?

~ yeapyeap

6. Where did you sleep last night?

~ malamang sa kama ko..

7. Why did you sleep there?

~ eh dun naman talaga dapat matulog, di ba?

8. When was the last time you cried?

~ di ko maalala kelan yung latest..

9. What are you about to do?

~ kumain ng banana

10. What do you hear right now?

~ sound ng tv

11. What’s your favourite month?

~ november kasi birthday ko!

12. How many kids do you want/have?

~ i want four.. :D tas may kambal na girl at boy..pareho kami ni erin.. :P


1. Are you missing someone right now?

~ uu

2. Are you bored?

~ ‘di naman

3. Are you German?

~ hindi..

4. Are you Irish?

~ hindi din..

5. Are you Asian?

~ yupyup..

6. Are you Italian?

~ hindi nga eh!

7. Do you have a crush on someone right now?

~ yichee..intriga.. :P


1. Last city you lived in besides the one you do now

~ Sa Quezon City!

2. Eye color

~ dark brown

3. Lefty/righty

~ righty

4. Favourite color(s)

~ BLUE..

5. Date of birth

~ november 3, 1993; 4pm


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